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Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry by Philip Rickard is a true "Made in Hawaii" company since 1986. Known as the Premier Manufacturer of World Class Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, Philip Rickard Honolulu designs, develops and manufactures traditional Hawaiian Jewelry, Hawaiian Wedding Rings as well as modern collections, on the beautiful island of Oahu. Come and visit the Factory Showroom and watch your jewelry come to life.

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Small Plumeria Two-Tone Lei  pendant Small Plumeria Lei 14K White Gold w/ Diamond Pendant Medium  Plumeria Lei w/Diamonds Pendant 14K Five Plumeria Hinge Hawaiian Bracelet w/ Diamonds
[ Sample Sale ] Five Plumeria Hinge Bracelet w/ Diamonds
Our Price: $6,828.00
Sale Price: $4,097.00
Savings: $2,731.00
Medium Tri-color  Plumeria Lei w/Diamonds Pendant Plumeria with 2 x Hibiscus flower design with diamond border 0.32ctw Small Plumeria Lei 14K Pink Gold w/ Diamond Pendant Large  Plumeria Lei w/Diamonds Pendant
[ Sample Sale ] Diamond edge Plumeria Bead Pendant
Our Price: $3,314.00
Sale Price: $2,319.80
Savings: $994.20