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April Birthstone - Diamond

I am the Diamond, first regarded as the symbol of love in the fifteenth century when a Austrian prince gave his fiancé the first recorded diamond engagement ring. The Diamond was once thought to come from the valley of serpents in the tale of Sinbad the Sailor. Take me along on your journeys and I will give you power, strength and love.

Hardness 7-7.5 • Natural • Major Source: Africa, Australia and Canada


Diamonds are forever. The diamond is the hardest known substance; natural of artificial. This ads to its durability. There is an abundant source of diamonds in a variety of qualities, sizes, shapes, and colors. Diamond can be enhanced to improve color and clarity.

Revered for it’s durability and brilliance, the diamond is a good choice for everyday wear, yet remove it before activities which may include using harsh chemicals and some house hold cleaners. Have your diamond and or your mounting checked by your jeweler once a year.

Why Diamond?

It is the purest symbol of everlasting bonds. The marriage of diamonds and love have become a tradition. Diamonds naturally come in all colors; this makes it an interesting birthstone of April. The diamond also represents the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries.