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June Birthstone - Alexandrite

I am Alexandrite, and believed to be a true good luck charm. I’m a sophisticated stone that brings to life your more refined and elegant side. When the sun is shining, good fortune is on the horizon. Wearing me can prevent others from "attaching" and drawing on your energy without permission. I have regenerative power, enhancing the rebirth of both the inner and the outer self, providing impetus to expedite the changing of your world while promoting creativity and awareness.

Alexandrite Natural ; Hardness 8.5 • Natural • Major Source: Brazil / Lab grow also available

Alexandrite has a unique color change characteristic. This stone varies from blue green in daylight to purple-red when under incandescent light (light-bulbs).

Alexandrite is suitable for everyday wear, however care should be taken to protect it from scratches, sharp blows and extreme temperature changes. Reaction to heat changes stable. Remove Alexandrite when engaging in activities such as housework, gardening or active sports. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning are usually okay.

Why Alexandrite?
This stone is so scarce that trade in it is very restricted. To find genuine Alexandrite in a store is rare. Adding to its rarity is its unique, delicate color balance of red and green. Alexandrite is more rare than Sapphires and Rubies. It is the birthstone for June and celebrating the forty-fifth and fifty-fifth wedding anniversary.