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July Birthstone - Ruby

I am Ruby, “Ratnaraj,” King of Precious Gemstones. Thousands of years ago I was released from the magical egg of Naga, a ferocious dragon from ancient Burma. My eternal flame has adorned the thrones of great royalty the world over. Wear me as an amulet and I will preserve your health, dispel your fears and bring abundant passion to your life. Touch me to the four corners of your land and I will turn away tempests and disaster... your harvests will be plentiful.

Hardness 9 • Heated(all) • Major Sources: Thailand, Myanmar, Kampuchea, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Tnazania and Madagascar

Ruby, like Sapphire, is a variety of the mineral, corundum. Most Rubies are mined in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Africa. All locations produce gemstones of varying sizes, qualities and colors of red. Most gemstones, including diamond, need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in jewelry. Since antiquity, most Ruby has been heated to permanently intensify its dazzling shades of red. This process may leave traces of material used for heating in the natural inclusions of Ruby.

Ruby is one of the most durable of all gemstones. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your Ruby jewelry protect it from hard blows and scratches.

Why Ruby?
While today we are not limited by tradition, Ruby is treasured as a gift for July birthdays and celebration of the fortieth anniversary. Ruby has long been regarded as an amulet for passion, protection and healing.