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December Birthstone - Tanzanite

I am Tanzanite, a debutante in the society of gemstones. I have lived in seclusion, waiting patiently for a handsome admirer to unveil my hidden charms. In 1968 my dreams came true when Tiffany & Company swept me off my feet, christened me “Tanzanite” and introduced me to the world I had longed to meet. Since that day I have traveled the world over, my mysterious allure attracting many suitors. If you wish to know me, you must look deeply into my breathtaking blue eyes, for only careful
ontemplation will reveal the true depth of my most secret soul in shades of violet, red, and bronze.

Hardness 6-7 • Heated • Major Source: Tanzania

First discovered in 1968, Tanzanite is one of our newest and most exotically colored gemstones. While many gemstones are found throughout the world, Tanzanite is mined only in one corner of the earth... Tanzania, Africa, its namesake.

Care should be taken to protect Tanzanite from knocks, pressure and extreme temperature changes. Though wearable everyday, remove Tanzanite jewelry before engaging in sports, housework, and gardening. Avoid home ultrasonic cleaning.

Why Tanzanite?
Tanzanite breaks new ground in establishing your own personal traits and its blue and purple hues are associated with generosity and friendship.

December Birthstone - Blue Zirco

I am Zircon, the gemstone of fiery starlight. Legends say that I was a guardian angel sent to watch over Adam and Eve in the Garden. I have been the talisman of traveling merchants, my powers gave them protection from lightning and bandits of the night. My presence in their pockets brought them great riches. Make me your talisman and I will breathe new spirit into your life and give you peaceful sleep. Keep me with you always and my virtue will bring the love and admiration of all people.

Hardness 7-7.5 • Heat Treaded (all) • Major Source: Kampuchea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia, Thailand and China

The fire in Zircon, called dispersion, is caused by light entering the gemstone and separating into a prism of rainbow colors. Zircon has even more fire than diamond and its fiery brilliance is displayed in a painter’s palette of colors.

Though suitable for everyday wear, remove your Zircon before engaging in any activities that may cause sharp blows or scratch Zircon’s surface.

Why Blue Zircon?

While today we are not limited by tradition, the symbolism of Zircon is treasured as a gift for December birthdays.