Kukui Nut Pendant
Kukui Nut Pendat

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The Kukui nut is a sacred plant to the Hawaiian people and became the official tree emblem for the state of Hawai'i. It was believed to have arrived with the early Polynesians by canoe signifying the name "canoe" plant. The Kukui Nut was fashioned into a lei and worn by the Ali'i to show their social status. The Kukui Nut oil provided torch light for the Hawaiian people that was believed to have Mana (spiritual powers) representing guidance, protection and peace for the nation. The Kukui Nut tree would be forever identified as the "tree of light" or known by its English translation as the "candle nut tree".

Hawaii's last reigning Monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani, wore this sacred nut as a pendant encrusted with a 14Karat gold nameplate and attachments. We have replicated this stunning local favorite with modernized touches to include the wearers name. It is skillfully constructed by our master craftsmen in 14Karat gold with enameled nameplate, attachments and hand engraving. Queen Lili'uokalani's pendant looks as beautiful as ever one hundred years after she wore it. We invite you to view our beautifully handcrafted masterpieces.
(Black silk cord is not included )

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