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January Birthstone

I am Garnet, the talisman of warriors. Knights and soldiers the world over have placed their destiny in my hands, trusting that I would protect them from death and injury and that my presence wold bring them swift victories and guarantee them tranquility after battle. Dream of me and I will reveal the answers to your questions. Give me to your loved ones and I will bestow upon them loyalty and affection.

Garnets are a complex and exciting family of gemstones. The Garnet family has six species and, like exotic flowers, these can naturally “hybridize” and form other varieties which cover a rainbow of hues, except blue. Most gemstones, including diamond, need enhancement through cutting or treatment to be enjoyed in jewelry. Yet Garnet is one of the few gemstones that requires no processing other than cutting to bring out its beauty.

While Garnet is worn by many active people, to ensure the longevity of Garnet, remove before engaging in activities that can subject the gemstone to scratches and sharp blows, such as housework, gardening or sports, as well as extreme temperature changes.

Why Garnet?
While today we are not limited by tradition, Garnet is treasured as a gift for January birthdays and talisman for the sign of Aquarius. A Garnet of any color is associated with increased imagination and inspiration.