Factory Closing

Philip Rickard has manufactured heirloom jewelry on the island of Oahu for almost 40 years. Mr. Rickard, the company's founder, devoted much of this time to uncover the true origins of the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, and to honor and help perpetuate its traditions. 

Over the years the company introduced custom designs and letterings, highlighting the popular floral motifs, and Old English influences. These pieces, as attested by the many touching stories kindly shared by our customers, became family heirlooms and treasured remembrances.

As Mr. Rickard has made a decision to retire, the Factory where our products are manufactured will be closing. We will only accept new and custom orders until July 1st, 2024. After this date the website will continue to operate selling limited existing stock only.

Mahalo for being part of Philip Rickard Ohana.

"I have always said that the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry was about family, and I will always remember our customers as a huge family of Aloha." - Philip Rickard