A Lasting Remembrance - Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

  • Philip Rickard Factory closing. A message from Mr. Rickard.

    I started my adventure with Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry in the 1980s. The vendors that at that time were supplying my little store would always seem to deliver pieces that were not the best. As I grew increasingly frustrated with the errors and poor quality of work, I decided to just make it myself.

  • Creating a traditional gold Hawaiian bangle bracelet with name - the process and what to consider before buying

    The quality, and the price, of Hawaiian Jewelry made today can differ dramatically. With most pieces on the market either mass-produced, machine engraved or simply prefabricated abroad just to be supposedly “hand finished” in Hawai’i, there are fewer and fewer artisans that remain to preserve the traditional ways. Here are a few key considerations before choosing your gold Hawaiian bracelet. 
  • The Prayer of Lili’uokalani – deciphering the first Hawaiian bracelet’s secret symbols

    After years of research and investigation, Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry manufacturer Philip Rickard has translated the symbolic text on Hawaii's last monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani's original "Ho'omanao Mau" or "Lasting Remembrance" bracelet. This bracelet is said to be the first Hawaiian bracelet, manufactured in Hawaii by a European goldsmith and engraver living in the Islands.

  • The story of Hoomanao Mau, the first Hawaiian bracelet

    This story has taken over a hundred and forty years to be told and it has lived with me for many years. If you have any knowledge of Queen Lili’uokalani, last reigning monarch of Hawaii, I am sure this story will be an important one for you, as it was for me...

  • ハワイアンバングルまたはブレスレットの名入れ - お好きな言葉をハワイ語で


    ハワイアン・ヘアルーム・ジュエリーPhilip Rickard では、日本語のお名前をアルファベットでお作りいたします。

  • Personalizing Hawaiian Bangle or Bracelet - Your Name In Hawaiian

    The word “Kuuipo” features frequently on our bangles. But for custom bracelets, this Hawaiian term of endearment is often replaced with a name or a meaningful phrase. Ever wondered what your name is in Hawaiian? Learn this and more about the Hawaiian Jewelry tradition that dates back to 1890s.